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Welcome to Half Moon Reiki & Yoga
I specialize in strengthening the nervous system, building core strength - physically and emotionally, mindfulness, and holistic movement.

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Yoga - Private or Group Availability

These private practices are designed and catered to meet your individual needs. I practice a variety of styles: vinyasa flow, yin yoga, gentle yoga, kundalini yoga , meditations, and pranayama techniques. I implement yoga props for safety and to assist in proper alignment.


Sound Bath Meditations

I utilize a variety of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, rain sticks, gongs, chimes, and drums. These instruments bring the body out of the sympathetic nervous system and drop it into the parasympathetic system. These unique frequencies support the body in rest and relaxation. They help to clear the mind and allow the body's natural healing abilities to take place.



Reiki is a system that promotes relaxation, light touch is utilized to channel universal life force energy into the individual, clearing out any chakra blockages. When the body is in this state, the mind and spirit harmonize. With intention, Reiki releases energy to promote well being on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Supporting you with a safe space to reduce stress and anxiety to influence you into a restorative state so the body’s natural healing mechanism can bring about a peaceful and consonant experience.

Rock Balancing

Reiki Attunements Level I, II, & III Master

I can set up a private session, in person or via zoom. All literature will be supplied, meditation techniques, reiki symbols and certificates for each level. Please reach out with any questions or concerns, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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My Services

Here’s What I Provide

Pebble Beach

Private Yoga


Sound Bath 

Healing Stones

Reiki Sessions 

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I offer services days, night, and weekend’s. 
Scheduling times are : M-F 8am to 5pm

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Get in Touch

I hold private sessions for all of the above services at my location or an agreed destination.

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